2018 August

2018, August 23

Exciting times ahead as we prepare to unveil a new product exclusively from P2M. Yes! We will be retailing a new innovative product from P2M thats not sold anywhere else in Australia!

Stay Tuned...


2018, August 22

and.... its official! Our webstore is now LIVE!



Exciting times ahead as we are almost ready to launch Optimum Power webstore!
Just a few things to touch up on and some configurations to be done and we will go live!!!

We're excited to introduce the retail section of Optimum Power for all your automotive needs.

Also,  we've got confirmation from our partner in the USA, Phase2MotorTrend that our large order of clamps will be sent soon. Really excited about this order because 2 new sizes 3.75" and 4" will be included. These will be big enough to replace the larger stock clamps often used for air filters etc!