2019 March

2019, March 27

Our P2M gold clamps installed on the Supra.


2019, March 26

Our long anticipated order from the USA is here. All orders have been shipped to customers and dealers! Stocks are in but not for long!

Also in are our limited edition gold clamps which will be going on the Supra. 

2019, March 19

As we eagerly await the arrival of our P2M clamp supplies,  we'd like to share a little known fact. 

P2M clamps were modelled in Solidworks, a 3D modelling software with FEA (Finite Element Analysis) capabilities. Based on research, P2M clamps can perform and hold hoses with pressures of up to around 5 bar! Thats 73.5 psi! How's that for looking pretty AND performing well? 

2019, March 9

Aaaaaand the Tein Monosports coilovers are finally in!!! The Supra is back on the road! :D