About Us

Starting as a hobby designing car parts for ourselves, Optimum Power was born in mid 2014. We believe in only putting the best parts in our cars which was why we have been using P2M clamps for a long time and once we started the business, we contacted Phase2MotorTrend to become their official Australian Distributor and started selling the now popular P2M Aluminium clamps.
Although we started out as a hobby, we are still very active and passionate in designing and creating car parts both as prettier and better oem replacements. Owning both legendary cars such as the Nissan R34 GTR Skyline and Toyota Supra RZ allows us to make parts based off the actual parts/cars themselves instead of cheap online copies and parts which do not fit.
We believe in only making and selling parts that we'd use on our cars as well. So you can be sure they are made to the highest standards and we stand behind the stuff we make and sell.